Renk Plastik added value focused on high yield

Ömer Hisar, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, said, “We have started to produce lamination products in terms of ballooning, as a result of our R & D work.”

Continuing its activities in the field of plastic and packaging production, Renk Plastik has directed high value added products. Ömer Hisar, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that they produce products such as nylon bags, nylon shrink, nylon shrink, ballooned nylon bags, economic balloons (low weight) and bags with fluffy balloons. “As a result of our R & D work, we started to manufacture lamination products in our balloon group and we started to manufacture a product that is not produced in Anatolia with our work,” Hisar said.

Stating that they value added value and quality in their products, Omer Hisar noted that they continued their R & D work on industrial based nylon packages that they produced. Hisar, who said that they have production capacity of 800 tons per month in plain material and balloon nail, said, “We added economic balloons, laminated balloons and fluffy balloons to our product range in the balloon group.We have got positive response from the market and our customers. we will continue our research for “.