Renk Plastik provides industrial services with new products!

The company that produces the first products in Anatolia with innovations in the field of packaging gives importance to product diversity.

KAYSERİ – Color Plastik, which operates in the field of plastic packaging, diversifies its product range. The company, which makes R & D studies on weighted industrial based nylon packaging, values ​​quality and added value in its products. Renk Plastik has become the first manufacturer in Anatolia to produce packaging materials in European standards with its products.

Saying that they have a production capacity of 800 tons per month in plain material and balloon nano, Renk Plastik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Hisar stated that they have directed factory capacity to high value added products. Hisar stated that they are producing in compliance with the European standards, “Our company is mainly engaged in industrial bags, nylon bag, nylon shrink, in balloon group, balloon nylon bag economic balonlu on (low weight), products such as bubble bags flu, we attach great importance to the quality of our üretiliyor.ürün. ISO 9001, taking the report analysis of products from prestigious universities in sahibiz.türkiye the TSE certificate offer customer’s knowledge, “he said.

Stating that they attach importance to R & D work, Hisar stated that they were producing lamination products in their last group of balloons after their last R & D work. Hisar said, “We are producing a product which is not produced in Anatolia with this product.In our bubble group, we added economic balloons, laminated balloons and fluffy balloons to our product range.We have got very positive reactions from the market and our customers.In our sector we have been searching for new products with high added value especially for our customers. We will continue, “he spoke.

Hisar stated that they wanted to increase their exports as a company, “We offer 20 thousand square meters open area and 12 thousand square meters closed area service in Kayseri Organize Sanayi Bölgesi.We are continuously increasing the number of employees as a company that gives importance to employment and sales to countries like Malta, Lebanon, Bahrain Exports do not have a very high share in our production, but we will produce exports related units in the future. ” He also said that customer satisfaction is the main principle and principle of the company, which means that there are many customers and sectors that they are addressing in the inner market and that their targets are delivering the best quality material on time and on time. Saying that their experience in the sector and their innovation is a source of pride, Hisar said that they had problems with the raw material and the qualification component among the problems of the industry.